22nd of may 2020


currently listening to:

first heard on Ashley Holmes’ wonderful show on NTS

doing occasional collaborative/jointed research and project. wanting to do more. not having time to do more. the time spent not writing. talking about doing a jointed phd. not being at the same time of our lives. sharing resources often. skype- fb -whatsapp. maybe you ve read this already? continuing research online with no goals or end. google docs. tired of the general urge to performing research more than doing the work. creating a space for us. 

to continue the disjointed conversation and the sharing of ideas and pdfs. because it’s where it kinda happens. whatever it is/might be/ have been.

but also being able to publish thoughts/essays/poems/screenshots and pieces of writing without institutional approval and editing processes.

a friendship in pdf format. 

giving credits where it is due while refusing authorship.

so here it is.